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Witch's Market



October 27, 2023

Witch's Ball & Masquerade



10:00 AM

Witch Bottles, Jars & Balls


Presenter: Solaris Moon (Sage & Crow, Root Witch Apothica`)

Witch Bottles, Jars and Balls are some of the most famous forms of container magic. These containers were originally designed to protect against witchcraft. Today, Witches use them to protect against baneful magick and unwelcome Spirits. 

In this workshop, we will cover:

· The differences between Jars, Bottles, and Balls

· Materials that go into them

· Disposal of Witches Bottles, Jars, and Balls

The workshop will end with everyone creating a Witch’s bottle to take home.

11:00 AM

Egg Cleansing (Huevo Limpia)


Presenter: Karina Nunez (Earthling)

We will go over information on energetic egg limpias or egg cleansings. Class participants will partner up and practice egg cleansings for a more hands on approach. Materials will be provided.

We will cover:

  • -Materials needed for egg cleansings

  • -When is the ideal time for a cleansing?

  • -Why we do egg cleansings

  • -Disposal of egg and go over egg readings


Those who attend will leave with some solid information and a good starting point to being able to clear their energy.

12:00 Noon

Ancestors Practices



Solaris Moon (Sage & Crow, Root Witch Apothica`)

Karina Nunez (Earthling)

Nearly every culture on Earth has an Ancestor practice. Having your own personalized Ancestor practices, altar or rituals is a huge benefit for any magickal practitioner. More powerful spells, protections, wisdom & clarity, guidance and more are all within your reach when you start working with your Ancestors.


We'll talk about everything from different cultural practices and how to deal with problematic Ancestors to making your first altar, Spiritual maintenance, offerings and more.


If you've been curious and don't know where to start, this is the class for you! 

1:00 Noon


Last chance to hit the Witch's Market, Witch Way Lounge, or the Swap Meet before class! Browse, trade, mingle and shop all the magickal wares and services before it closes at 2pm! 

1:30 PM

Witch's High Tea & Tea Leaf reading


Presenter: Kellie Lineberry (The Magic Tea House)

Raise your pinkies, Witches! 

  • 2 different teas

  • Assortment of scones

  • Finger sandwiches

  • Tea biscuits

What this workshop will cover:

  1. Short history of Tea Leaf Reading

  2.  Purpose

  3. Quadrants of the cup

  4. Diagrams of cup

  5. Blank Diagram of cup for guests to take notes

  6. Signs & symbols and their meanings

Staying overnight?

Event Guests Get Special Rates at Our Venue!

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