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The Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft is overflowing with 85+ courses, downloads, videos, live events and more for Witches seeking to learn and grow their magickal practice. 

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Something for Everyone. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started, or a seasoned Witch, you'v
Southern Folk Magick
Non-Wiccan. No Three-Fold Law, Spells from Charmed or Jesus-in-a-Dress here. You're WELCOME.
No Apologies
Learn at Your Own Pace. There's no deadlines or pressure. My online classes are available 24/7. Stud

Is Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft Right for You?


Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft is founded by Solaris Moon, a secular animist and Southern folk Witch for nearly 30 years. The content here is steeped in old and new traditions of American Witchcraft.

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My Values & Philosophies

Witchcraft is Morally Muddy

I practice a crooked path and teach magick that is double-edged, capable of both helping and harming. One of the foundations of my practice is that every Witch is sovereign unto themselves, and I create courses and content from this perspective. What does it mean to be a Sovereign Witch? To me it means the only 'right' kind of Witchcraft is effective Witchcraft. There's more than one way to be an effective Witch, and in this space I encourage you to find the ways that work best for you. I want you to leave here knowing in your bones that no other human has jurisdiction, power or rights of supremacy over your Spiritual practices or beliefs. No one else determines your moral compass or values except you. Every Witch and practitioner is ultimately responsible for determining for themselves what they decide is right or wrong. What is right and wrong for me is not always what is right and wrong for you, and THAT'S OK. For most non-Wiccan Witches, magickal ethics run on a spectrum and are not fixed- they are determined on a case-by-case basis.


At Sage & Crow, we're not afraid of the dark. Nature is both destructive and creative, and so are we.

There’s no concept of White/Black - Good/Bad magick in my Witchcraft.

Energy and magick are seen as part of the natural world. It is neither good nor bad.


Also, White (=good) v Black (=bad) magick are terms that smack of racism. Please stop using these terms this way.

Read or download the PDF here to learn more: White Light, Black Magic - Racism in Esoteric Thought


While the vast majority of my content is focused on showing you ways to use Witchcraft for personal growth, desired changes and outcomes, protection and drawing things into your life that support your goals & intentions, I don't tip toe around the need to aggressively handle your business when called for. Sometimes you have to take the trash out, and there's no point wasting time and energy denying that fact of life. This is a no-nonsense, hex-friendly space where you can learn how to tap into your joy & euphoria, and your rage & wrath in ways that improve your life and help you Walk in Your Power.

Spiritual, Not Religious

As a non-Wiccan, my Witchcraft follows no structured or organized belief system or universal doctrine. While the content here is influenced by my views, I'm not some guru who expects you to believe what I believe or just do what you're told. I encourage you to question, challenge and break the rules. As a secular Witch, my practice also doesn’t revolve around any type of worship or devotion. I suggest you run in the opposite direction from anyone who requires an oath of loyalty, blind obedience or strict adherence to their way of doing things. You are a grown-ass adult capable of independent, critical thought and I'm not here to restrict that one little bit. 

What's Wrong With Religion?

Everything I personally practice and teach flows from the deeply held view that religion harms everything. It is a dangerous force for humanity and the Earth itself. 

“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and

hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.” ~Albert Einstein


Witchcraft never needs to be religious to be effective, powerful, principled or just. 

Witchcraft can be Spiritual, but does not have to be.


I define Spiritual and Religious differently.


Religion tends to be experienced externally, with divinity being a concept somewhere outside of the human experience, usually far away and often inaccessible to the adherent. Religion uses the concept of authority to instill fear, promotes smallness and tribalism, and uses violence to control.


Spirituality that isn't based on religious beliefs generally includes the conviction that we are all equal as Spiritual Beings, with no hierarchy or divine overlords. Instead of deities or what some think of as 'The Universe', I connect and work with what I perceive as Spirits, non-physical entities and Ancestors. These are relationships, partnerships, even sometimes friendships, where everyone benefits. It’s personal and direct- no grand authority, interpreter or middle-person is needed to interact with the Spiritual realm. No threats or fear of eternal suffering are required to help us determine for ourselves what is right or wrong.

A Spiritual practice for me means I've stripped away the rigidity, patriarchy and authoritarianism of religious dogma that all act as a vehicle for control rather than Spiritual connection. It puts me in the driver seat of my own Spiritual ideas, beliefs & practices, and frees up my ability to critically think and regularly challenge and question my own beliefs so they can evolve and grow just as I do in my journey.

This is the kind of Power and freedom I want for you, too.

This Space is Non-Wiccan

  • Wicca is a fairly new religion. There have been people practicing what we would view today as Witchcraft (herbal healing, midwifery, sourcing-crafting-administering poisons, abortifacients and reproductive remedies, curses, elemental and Spiritual practices, pacts, use of magick, etc.) since the beginning of time. Witchcraft is an action, a practice, not a belief system, and far pre-dates the modern religious movement of Wicca.


  • You won’t find any ‘Threefold Laws’, ‘Harm None’ or endless cookie-cutter rhyming spells here. Instead, you'll learn how to create a magickal practice on your terms, including establishing your own moral code, magickal ethics and powerful spells that come from you.


  • No cringey New-Age stuff. There is a lot of cross-over between Wicca and New Age beliefs to the point they are becoming difficult to distinguish between. I reject purity culture, toxic-positivity, crystal healing and the heavily Christian good v/s evil worldviews running rampant in New Age and Wiccan practices.


  • Non-Wiccan Witchcraft means no hierarchical systems or initiation models. You are a sovereign Witch under your own Spiritual authority and no one else's.


  • There’s no established religious belief system- this path is fluid and evolves continuously based on the individual. For those accustomed to structured religion it may feel uncomfortable at first until you find your feet and experience the freedom and power in building a practice without religious rules.

  • Non-Wiccan doesn't mean I hate Wiccans or Wicca. There's much I disagree with, and some I quite enjoy. But hate is definitely not how I feel. If Wicca calls to you, by all means, go be Wiccan and practice a path that is right for you. I'm not here to teach you Wicca, though. It's very difficult to find non-Wiccan sources, books and information today. When you are not Wiccan and looking for information, it can seem as if everything has been influenced by Wicca. My aim is to provide a supportive space for those who want to learn Witchcraft free of Wiccan rules, religious beliefs and influences. 

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I'm having trouble getting your emails 

First, add my email address and website address to your 'safe' or 'allowed' list on your email. Here is a link with some guidelines for how to do this, however every email provider is different. 

Second, check your spam filters and settings. You may find my emails in your spam folder, and if you do, you can star them, mark as important, or add them back to your inbox or other designated folder. 

It is rare for me to have my emails bounced by an email provider. The only times this happens is when either the email is a bot or spam trying to subscribe on my site, in other words not a real person, or, when a person has aggressive spam filters or auto-reply/vacation mode is turned on*.


*Be sure to follow the above suggestions for adding me to your safe list so you can start receiving my content.

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I'm having log-in or password trouble. What can I do?

Check that you are using the correct email. Your account will only allow you to login if you use the email address you registered with. 

If you forgot you password, click the 'Forgot Password' button on the login page to have an email sent to you that will help you reset your password.

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How do I manage my payments and subscription?

Hover over the 'Members' tab in the top menu of the website. You'll see a drop down menu appear. Click 'My Account'. Login to be taken to your account page. There you can see and manage all aspects of your account, including your profile, subscriptions, addresses, wallet, courses, bookings, events, notifications and other settings. 

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How long will I have access to my courses?

When you purchase a course individually, you have lifetime access to that course for as long as that course is active on my site. 


I try to update courses at least once a year. All courses are subject to editing and changes at any time. 


All-Access Subscribers have unlimited access to all courses and content within their subscription level for as long as you remain a paid subscriber. 

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Who are these courses for?

The membership courses are for anyone interested in a non-Wiccan, secular approach to learning Witchcraft. The content I create here is designed to introduce complex or difficult techniques of spellcraft, Witchcraft, Spiritual work and Root Work that took me years and decades to master in a way that helps you build a solid foundation, doesn't take shortcuts and offers a no-nonsense path to mastering your skills and practice.


Beginner and intermediate classes are written in easy to understand terms without a lot of pretentious 'in-group' jargon, and most importantly, are in-depth and thorough. Aside from a very few truly beginner primers offered here, I don't just skim the surface of a topic and hope you won't notice the lack of true substance. I want better for you. Here we dive deep and roll up our sleeves to do the work. As you progress, you'll find more advanced and intensive course offerings so you can break through into the next exciting stages of your practice. 


The membership courses are also for those who are frustrated by the superficial offerings they've encountered so far in their journey, have faced disappointment, weak results or run into plain bad teachers. I'm here to help you take your Witchcraft to the next level and truly live a magickal life.


When needed, I also make sure to spend time offering insight to help troubleshoot the common issues that arise for beginners as well.

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How much time does each course take?

Most courses are self-paced, so you will determine how long each course takes to complete. Some courses are scheduled and arrive in sections to your daily inbox. Many of my courses can be read through, watched or listened to rather quickly- in a day or two, perhaps. However, there are often suggested practices and techniques to try along the way that are important to do. This can take time. 


If you skip the suggested activities and attempt to get through your courses at a break-neck speed, then you are free to do that. I'm not here to verify you did every suggested assignment, or do the work at home. You must be accountable to yourself if you truly want to Walk in Your Power and embrace the path of the Witch. Otherwise, why are you here?

I’ve designed most courses to take anywhere from one week to a month. Many of my students work through one course at a time, at their pace, over the span of 1-2 months. And of course there are many who start a new course every week, too! This school is here to help you learn Witchcraft in the way that works best for you.

Let's have some real talk right now, though. This isn't high school. You are here because you want to be, not because you have to be. We're all grown-ass adults here and don't none of us have time to be wasted. You probably have a life and a job, maybe a family and kids or responsibilities that make it challenging to fit things into your schedule. There's no rush and this isn't a race. A year from now where do you want to be in your practice? Real growth means hard work. I won't lie to you about that. So try to approach this from the perspective of someone who sincerely wants to learn, not someone who is just hurrying to get to the end so they can say it's done. I want you to get everything you can out of your Witchcraft!

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Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. I HATE being stuck in a subscription or membership with strings, and I hate even more the hoops and hurdles some companies throw at you when you try to cancel. I will never do that to you. There are no strings attached- I honor and respect your freedom to choose. You can cancel at any time, there’s no contract locking you in. I won't even ask questions or beg you to stay. Go do you, boo. Cancel anytime before your next billing cycle with no penalties. You'll continue enjoying membership benefits through your current billing cycle. Have peace of mind knowing I keep it        hassle-free if you decide to cancel. I gotchu. 


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