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About Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft

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Hello there!

Solaris Moon is a conjure enthusiast, ritual herbalist, amateur tea aficionado, Pagan & Witchcraft community leader, and occult & conjure shop owner based out of Twin Falls, ID. About me: I’m Wendi, but my friends call me Solaris. I was born and raised in the Deep South and I migrated West after returning from living in Central America in the early-mid 90's. There is not a moment that I am not thinking about Witchcraft, herbs and fantastic Spiritual shenanigans. I spend a lot of time making herbal medicines and remedies alongside spiritual products. I love folklore, wildcrafting, herbalism, collecting bones, reading, growing things and dressing up my chihuahua. I hope you'll stick around, have a cup of tea, and learn something new while you're here! Welcome! Love, Solaris Moon

About Solaris Moon

Practicing Old Southern Folk Magick

What does a Secular, (nontheistic/godless Witch) non-Wiccan path of Witchcraft look like? Click below to learn more about me, my journey and how that influences my practices.

Customer Testimonials

As a teacher, maker & practitioner for 25+ years, here is a sampling of just some of my public reviews for the products & services I've offered my clients over the years. The originals can all be found under my Reviews section at Shamanic Root Witch on Etsy.

“Solaris is the absolute best and I cannot begin to thank her enough for the love and pure energy that's put into not only her products, but her craft! And your note and gift made my day!! ❤❤❤, so uplifting and raised the energy immensely! Thank you so much my sister!”



“Greetings! When I tell you that my girl Solaris is the SHIT, PLEASE BELIEVE IT!!! I have purchased several items from her & love them all but this potion right here..WHEW!!!!😮 This is just too real ya'll. I opened the box & used it on my temples & third eye and got an instant rush as well as a mighty boost with my intuition..OH MY!! If you had any doubts about this product, I'm here to tell you..IT'S THE TRUTH & more than plenty!!!!!!! The handwritten note always touches my heart & the gift was just what I needed! Talk about synchronicity..OMG. Thank you sooooooo much Hunny, I love ya & you are truly gifted. Blessings to you always!!🥰💚💌”



“Absolutely love this shop and Solaris, you are truly a gift to us folks that need that extra when its called for! The products are wonderful, skillfully crafted, and the energy is on point! Love every single product! Solaris is truly the best, and her products have not ceased to amaze me. I'll say it again, sometimes you need more than sage, and this store is my go to! Kind owner, master of her craft! Thanks! 💖”



“YES!! Solaris's products are packed with powerful magick and you can never go wrong with anything from her, just make sure you're ready for that punch! Her items are not for the casual dabbler. Man, the Bye Bitch! really clears shit out with the snap of a finger and gets things back into balance. Get it, you won't regret it!”



“This my second bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil from Solaris' shop. Shipping was incredibly fast! This is my go to shop whenever I need something to authentically and truly work! Solaris' customer service is by far the best of any shop on Etsy! Everything in her shop is the real deal! Do not hesitate to purchase something from this beautiful bad ass Witch!!”



“As always, Ms. Moon hits it outta the park! It's INSTANT shields-up when I foof the Black Salt on me. It has saved me many times. The Red Brick Dust was thrown into the deep end of the pool (so-to-speak) when I made an unbroken line across my front door threshold; angry ex came rushing over and became instantly calm! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! BLESS YOU, SOLARIS MOON!! And many thanks for the gifty of the floor wash! Much respect. <3 Luna”



“I have to write a testament to the power of these products. Whoa, these products are serious and DO not play around! I had gridded the house and property with both the black salt and brick dust to clear out old energy and seal out some energy from personal situations that I had felt threatened from. Not more than two weeks later, I had opposite reactions from neighbors (who of course didn't know about the gridding) on both sides of my house, one really positive and actually moved! I had no idea gridding my property would be that powerful. Thank you!”



“I'm very happy with everything in my order! This woman is a magical goddess and wonderful person! Her products are superb, very highest quality! ”



“Hell to tha yasssss witches !!! I am talking some kick ass energy, they pack a punch!!! I have two people who nothing about feeling energy or magick, etc.. and they said they didn't know what it was but they could feel so.etbing weird and funny lol... so in short , rock on with your bad self ShamanicRootWitch!!! These are the damn bomb , LOVE THEM”