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Image by Charlie Harutaka

Be The Witch

Welcome to Sage & Crow! A member of the magickal community for nearly 30 years, Solaris Moon’s roots are in the Southern wilds of Alabama and the backwoods of North Carolina, with deep connections to Land and Ancestors. She’s traveled internationally, lived in Central America and now resides in the Pacific Northwest. She is a shop owner, mentor, community leader, Secular Witch, and the Creatrix of Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft.

Sage & Crow is a space for beginners and experienced practitioners alike to explore and practice the magickal art of Witchcraft. Here Solaris brings the ancient wisdom and power of Witchcraft into the modern world. She believes that secular Witchcraft is a powerful tool for becoming the driver of your own life, for learning to Walk in Your Power, for leaning into your sovereignty, and for making your magickal and mundane goals happen. It’s also a real path to self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. 

Solaris offers in-person classes, handcrafted products, a monthly blog, guest speaking, online courses, and one-on-one mentorship. She provides guidance, resources and knowledge to those who are interested in developing and deepening their own practice. Her mission is to inspire and empower you to live your most magickal life! 

She's a lifelong student of Witchcraft, herbalism, Folk Magick, divination, and Spiritual practices, and loves to share her knowledge with others. Her content is secular, non-Wiccan, non-Christian, non-religious, Nature-based and animist. Her products and courses are designed to empower other magickal practitioners to take control of their lives. 

Solaris has been a guest speaker on ritual & magickal herb uses and wildcrafting at the Snowbrush Herb Festival, and her products have been featured in the feminist magazine Bust.

She loves books and journaling, foraging, crafting, and spending time with her husband and their five children, four grandchildren, Tootles their rescued Chihuahua, four granddogs and three grandcats. 


If you’re ready to learn about Witchcraft and use it to transform your life, you are invited to join Solaris on this journey.

Image by Emily Goodhart
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