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Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft offers sweary online courses and content for discerning, Take-No-Shit Witches and Magickal Real Ones ready to Do The Fucking Work.


The content you'll find here is based on the crone wisdom and decades of occult, Witchcraft and magickal practices of Solaris Moon, a secular Southern Witch and creatrix of Root Witch Apothecary. Providing a rare, no-nonsense, non-Wiccan, and non-religious experience refreshingly free of cringy New Age influences and bullshit Christian-Culture so you can get to gettin' to it.


New content, courses and bonus material are published every month.

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Hey Witches!


My path, my mission, is to empower you to reach for your full potential, to not settle for less than the fabulous, powerful badass I know you can be. I want you to fully Boss Up. The courses here are all designed with that aim, and it's my sincerest hope you find tools and practices here that nourish, strengthen and inspire you to Walk in Your Power.


Blessings in Dark & Light,

Solaris Moon

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