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31-Day Zero-Waste Witchcraft Challenge

Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


FREE FOR EARTH DAY! APRIL 20TH - MAY 30TH The 31-Day Zero Waste Witchcraft encourages you to enhance your consciousness, practice mindfulness, and align your words and actions with your beliefs and values. Are you to blame for the state of the world, the environment, and the significant pollution and harm to the planet? Absolutely not, dear Witch. The responsibility lies with big corporations, lack of regulations, and a myriad of social issues such as low wages, human rights violations, limited access to affordable housing and healthcare, among others. Consumers are often misled into thinking that increased recycling alone can save the planet. This misconception has prevailed for too long, and it's a fallacy that individuals are solely causing the environmental damage leading us to a climate crisis. I'm not here to pass judgment or make you feel guilty for something that is not your fault. However, as inhabitants of this planet and as Witches specifically, we can acknowledge our personal connection with the Land, Earth and other elements of our surroundings, and take steps to comprehend these relationships and the influence we exert. One way to begin is by assessing the amount of waste generated through our Witchcraft practices. Yes, even Witchcraft generates waste! Hence, I present to you the 31-Day Zero-Waste Witchcraft Challenge. Each day, you will receive a challenge, along with information and tips. Complete the challenge and earn your Zero-Waste Witch badge!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


2 Plans Available, From $24.00/month
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