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31-Day Zero-Waste Witchcraft Challenge

Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


The 31-Day Zero Waste Witchcraft invites you to expand your awareness, become mindful and align your words and actions with your practices and values. Are you responsible for the state of the world, the environment and the egregious pollution and damage to the planet? Witch, NO. That blame can be laid squarely at the feet of big corporations, lack of regulation and a whole laundry list of social issues such as poverty wages, human rights issues, lack of access to affordable housing and healthcare, and the list goes on. Too often consumers are told if they just recycle more they could save the planet. WRONG. This messaging has dominated far too long and it's a proven myth that as individuals we are causing the widespread harm to the environment that is now pushed us into a climate crisis. I'm not here to shame you or make you feel shitty for what is definitely not your fault. That doesn't mean we as people, humans on this planet, and as Witches specifically, can't take some ownership for our personal relationship with the Land and other elements of our environment, and make the effort to understand those connections and the impact we have. One place we can start is checking in with how much waste we produce just from our Witchcraft practice. Yes, even Witchcraft has waste! To that end, I created the 31-Day Zero-Waste Witchcraft Challenge. Every day I'll present you with a challenge, information and tips. Complete the challenge and earn your Zero-Waste Witch badge!

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