What's Growing This Week at My House...

Hey Lovelies~

Here's a small sample gallery of photos of plants and herbs where I live from the last week or so. Some are from my yard, others from forest hikes. I'll try to start posting these more often.

Thanks to climate change where I live, the season is currently 2-3 weeks behind the rest of the country and it's been especially unpredictable to plan wildcrafting jaunts this year. Sigh.

For many of you who have taken my in-person herb courses and workshops you will hopefully be happy to know I'll soon be launching livestream classes for herbal potion and medicine making. If you enjoy plants as much as I do and want to learn more, you'll definitely want to join me in making magickal herbal remedies and conjure products together.

Clicking each image above will expand the image and tell you what it is. The two purple-esque sky photos with Fernleaf Biscuitroot have no filter (nor do any others) and wow, didn't they turn out so pretty?

What's growing where you live right now? Next time you're out and about, even just walking around your neighborhood, pay attention to what's growing and what's blooming right now. It's amazing what we find when we start paying attention!

Blessings In Light & Dark,


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