Shadow Work: Part Three

Part 3 of the Shadow Work course helps you explore the process of understanding self-sabotage, projection, and triggers as you learn how to sit with your emotions. This journal guides you through a journey of introspection & self-awareness, healing, and release as you move toward healthier coping mechanisms and relationships- both with others and yourself.

Shadow Work Part 3 PDF

Shadow Work Part 3 - Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft
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As part of this journal, there are sections where you will need the following links.


Beginning meditation – 16 minutes

Learn how to relax and open yourself up to discovering physical and emotional sensations throughout your body. Move up to the intermediate meditation when you feel attuned to the feelings and sensations throughout your body


Intermediate meditation – 18 minutes

Learn how to identify the physical and emotional sensations in your body that stand out from the rest—that feel stronger or different. Move up to the deeper meditation when you are able to pinpoint and focus on different or unusual sensations and feelings in your body.


Deeper meditation – 24 minutes

Learn how to stay emotionally connected even in situations that make you feel uncomfortable or mildly stressed. Move up to the deepest meditation when you are able to remain calm and focused in such situations.


Deepest meditation – 30 minutes

Learn how to remain focused, alert, and emotionally aware at all times, even in the most stressful situations.

Shadow Journey & Tea Ritual

Shadow Journey & Tea Ritual
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Moon Phase Habit Tracker Download

Download and print one for each month or recreate in your planner or bullet journal.

Use this to track your moods, emotions and other Shadow Work. Come up with your own color key for emotions and habits. For example, for emotions, red might be angry, yellow might be happy, blue might be sad, etc.

Color in the moon phase and start to attune to the lunar cycles each month. Do you notice any patterns in productivity, mood swings, socializing, or other activities?

This tracker has space for 31 days, so disregard the extra days in shorter months.

Moon Phase Habit Tracker Shadow Work Part 3 - Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft 2 pages
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Final Thoughts

Shadow Work is a life-long journey that is never complete. In the future I may add a Part 4 to this course, but for now, by the end of Part 3 you will have sufficient tools to independently continue your Shadow Work.