Shadow Work: Part One

Shadow Work Journal

Below is a link to this course's Shadow Work Journal. Part One of this course takes you through an introduction into what the Shadow is, recognizing our own Shadow behaviors, setting expectations for Shadow Work, and understanding the origins of our Shadow Self.

This is a multi-part course that takes you on a winding journey through your Shadow Work. Go at your own pace and take breaks as needed. It's not a race. Shadow Work is difficult and deeply personal. Gift yourself patience, kindness and compassion as you travel this road.

Shadow Work: Part One PDF

Shadow Work Course & Journal Part 1 - Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft
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Your Memories and Feelings are Valid

While most parents and caregivers make oodles of mistakes, the majority sincerely love their children, do the best they can and their actions do not come with intentions to be cruel, abusive or unloving. That doesn't mean you aren't entitled to your feelings or how you remember things.

Some people do sadly grow up with truly cruel, abusive and terrible parents. That doesn't mean your pain and struggles should be minimized if you don't characterize your childhood this way. It's not a competition to see who had the worse childhood.

There is never an excuse for abuse or cruelty. It should never be tolerated. You are never responsible for how you were treated by parents or caregivers as a child.

As an adult, looking back at your early childhood memories can be very painful and dredge up old wounds you'd probably prefer stay dead and buried. Being asked to revisit difficult moments or walk a mile in your parent's shoes can feel like a slap in the face for someone who experienced deep pain, guilt or shame as a result of their childhood.

This is Shadow Work. It's not easy and it's not clean. It gets harder from here.

At no time are any of these journal prompts or exercises designed to give you even a second of doubt or invalidate how you feel about something you lived through.

If any of these journal sections are too difficult, take a break, skip them for now or come back to them later when you feel able to sit with your emotions.