Five Daily Tips for Magickal Self-Care

Self-care are habits and acts that you do with intention to meet your emotional, mental and physical needs. Times are tough, and being magickal every day can easily get bumped to the bottom of your priorities when life has you in constant survival mode. Here is a list of five easy-to-do daily self-care routines that help you stay magickal and connected to Spirit.

This was originally published on the blog page of my brick & mortar website, The Kindred Cauldron, on July 1, 2020.


Journaling is as simple as writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. As a stress-reducer, journaling can help you prioritize problems, fears, and concerns. It also boosts your mood and keeps your brain sharp by improving memory and comprehension. Establishing a daily habit of journaling is a powerful way to show up better in every area of your life. What to write about?

· Record daily events. · Dreams. · Make a list of books and authors you love. · Celebrate your wins. · Visions or Intuitions. · Write a short story. · Describe a specific event or memory. · Words you love. · Break your goals down into to-do lists. · Collect quotes. · Document major local and world events. · Make a list of things you love. · Challenges & Solutions List · Write a mantra. · Make a ‘let it go’ list. · Write down questions for yourself. · A List of Witty Come-Backs · Make lists of people to call or write to. · A List of ‘things I wish I could say but can’t’ · Make a ‘things I want to do’ list (aka bucket list). · Things you don’t like / hate. · Make yourself a five-year plan. · Disappointments, Failures & Mistakes and What You Learned. · Things you are grateful for. 2. DIVINATION

Draw a daily Rune, or card from a Tarot or Oracle deck, for example, and look for synchronicities of its message throughout your day. 3. MEDITATION

Meditation is a potent self-care practice that decreases stress while increasing mindfulness and awareness and helps you achieve emotional balance. It’s an essential skill for witches who want to achieve successful spells and rituals, work in the spiritual realm, and improve their focus to name a few benefits. Start with just five minutes a day and work your way up to where you are comfortable. 4. LIGHT A CANDLE

The act of lighting a candle is magickal. Any candle will do! When you make a daily habit of lighting a candle it can remind you of your power, your fire, and your joy, and can help you refocus and center. Whether it’s a morning routine before leaving for work, or something you do at night before bedtime, shoot for the same time each day to anchor it as part of your daily self-care regime.


Creating sacred space is very individualized and looks different from practice to practice. What makes you feel Witchy? What makes you feel magickal? What makes you feel Spiritual? What makes you feel sacred? Only you can answer this for yourself, but here are some suggestions to help your ideas start flowing… · Raise energy (in or out of a circle) · Call the quarters · Cast a circle · Chant · Dress in ritual garb · Wear enchanted jewelry · Do yoga · Play music · Drum · Dance · Sing · Turn off electronics & lights · Visit a favorite outdoor space surrounded by Nature

These practices won’t solve all your problems or meet all your needs, but doing them can go a long way to helping you manage everything else with more effectively. Daily magickal self-care can help you stay connected to your spiritual and ritual practice, especially when life gets busy and overwhelming. Enjoy! Blessings, ~Solaris

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