DIY Witch's Black Salt & Uses

Resharing with edits from my old blog - the original posts were published in 2016 & 2017.

Whooo child, my 'Bitch I Ain't Even Playin' Witches' Black Salt' is flying off the shelves of my Etsy shop. Of course it is! My shit works, and it's real, REAL powerful.

Now, a Witch has GOT to have a few secrets of her very own, so I will not be sharing my secret blend of herbs and ingredients TAday. I will give you a better-than-basic recipe that you can and should make at home and try that shit out.

Ritual Black Salt comes from some hoodoo and folk magick traditions, but by no means do you need to be a practitioner of those paths to make or use it. It's versatile for left hand path and shadow work, and wrathful or baneful works such as banishing, defensive magick & protection, cursing & hexing, warding, grounding & barrier magick. It works real good on breaking hexes, too.

*Culinary black salt is not Ritual Black Salt. Do not try to eat your Ritual Black Salt.

I'm all about Doing the Fucking Work- so let's begin my pretties.

Gather up your materials:

  • Salt- you decide what kind of salt you want to use. I prefer quality sea salt. You can use cheap $1 store table salt, or any brand of sea salt, coarse or fine salt, rock salt- whatever suits you, and whatever you have on hand.

  • Cast iron pot, skillet, or cauldron- you're gonna scrape that mutha clean and gather up the iron filings that come out

  • Fireplace or firepit- go get some blackened scrapings from inside your fireplace or your firepit. Scrape the bricks inside the fireplace if you have them. Bricks are real, real powerful in magickal workings.

  • Charred Wood- you'll need this for the charcoal, preferably wood you've used in a ritual fire, but I also like charred wood gleaned from a natural forest fire or lightening strike.

  • Mortar and pestle used for ritual or spell work- not used for food

Grind up the charcoal from the wood with the salt and cast iron scrapings in that mortar and pestle- best do it outside and not on a windy day.

Now, most recipes will direct you to gather cast iron scrapings OR fireplace scrapings. I advocate for both. Most recipes call for adding some pepper, and stopping there, but not today. No. Today we gone do this right.

Let's keep goin'...

  • Ash from prior ritual burnings - such as the ash leftover after burning your incense or spell papers. It don't even matter what incense it was, or whether it was for a magickal working, for purifyin' shit, or for coverin' up the smell of yo weed. Use it. If you don't have any- make it! Go burn some incense- we ain't got nothin' but time. I tend to burn things in my cauldron, so I use the leavings from there. Wherever your ritual ash is, gather it up.

  • Rust- look around. Go visit your grandparent's house or that local junkyard neighbor. Somewhere, somebody got somethin' that has rust on it. Find it and scrape it off. I personally keep a rust nursery where iron and metal go to be liberated from their shiny confines, so I always have a supply on hand. You may not wish to open up your own rusty daycare center like me, but rust is all around you, you just have to look.

Rust can be dangerous. Use caution, common sense and don't let children or pets near it. Wear protection like gloves, goggles and a mask, and wash your hands well afterwards.

  • Herbs- do your own research for what herbs you want to use. I suggest herbs good for banishing, exorcism, purification, protection, hexing, etc. However you plan to use your Ritual Black Salt- pick those herbs. Use as maaaaannny as you want. Don't feel like you gots to hold back. I know I don't. The Black Salt I sell in my shop has more than twenty different plants, herbs, roots, barks, and resins, many of which I grow in my backyard or wildcraft. By no means do you need to use that many. Most folks tend toward just a few. Use what and how much feels right. Don't neglect your kitchen ingredients, but be sure anything you use is fresh enough to still be potent.

Know each herb you choose, and know why you are choosing it. What's its job in your salt blend? Don't know? Don't add it. You have to feel that herb in your Witchy soul or it just ain't right. If it don't make sense or speak to you, leave it out. Ain't nobody got time for herbs they don't know nothin' about. Am I right? Yes. Yes, I am.

Now, once you have the herbs you want, you're gonna grind them all up, and burn them in a cauldron or something similar. I mean business when I do magickal workings, so I personally like to burn my herbs in my big ass cauldron with the fire started from nine sacred woods. I gather nine different local woods and from my land and other places I've visited locally. Then I break or cut them to size for my vessel, bundle them, and let them cure in a dry place for a year. Then they are ready to burn in my cauldron. The wood fire is plenty big and hot enough to burn my herbs to ash, and the nine woods get reduced down to ash as well, or charcoal, which gets used in the Ritual Black Salt as well. You don't have to do nine woods- that's just how I do, plus I make big batches and need a bigger fire and cauldron than you might. As long as you have a source that will burn your herbs- even a charcoal disc- it's fine.

  • Graveyard dirt- visit a cemetery, kneel in reverence and pick up a small pinch or two of dirt and mindfully place in your pocket. Be respectful and law-abiding in your endeavors at all times. Thank the spirits there, and leave a small offering like a dime or flowers on a gravestone or near a tree. Now, you gone want a po-po-free experience. So don't bring a baggie or digging tool or set out a picnic blanket and lawn chair in broad daylight with your cauldron and big ass mortar and pestle while you burn incense, chant and grind yo shit. Ask me how I know. If this ingredient is not worth the trouble for you or you don't connect with it, leave it off.

I personally add a few more things to mine, but really, this is plenty for a strong DIY batch.

Go grind all the stuff you've gathered until it's mixed real, real good. Grind counterclockwise if you can help it, to align the banishing qualities of the mixture. With every. single. ingredient. I add to my mixture from the very beginning, I know why I am adding it. I say its name. I tell every. single. ingredient. what its job is for As I add each item, I am pushing power through myself and into it. I am drawing from Ancestors, from Earth, from my roots, from Underworld, from Universe, from Fire and all the elements. I am breathing my life breath and my power and my fire and my wrath and my 'Oh HELLZ No, Not Today Bitch!' energy into every. single. ingredient. You do you. Breathe and infuse every ingredient with your own power and essence. Know why you are adding each thing and say its name.

Most home blended Black Salt is actually gray in color. So don't think you did it wrong. You worked hard, and it's the way it's supposed to be. I do NOT advocate artificially dyeing your Salt! Some sources tell you to use food dyes or powders or even paints to make the Salt really black. Sweet Baby Ray's don't you dare. I achieve Very Black Salt largely from all the wood char and burnt herbs I use. I never, ever, EVER use dyes or fake mess to make my shit look more authentic. I don't want you to either. The energy you put into your Black Salt far outweighs what color it ends up being. Fake mess undermines all the good stuff you've put into your Ritual Salt, and can introduce unknown properties and energies that you don't want.

Now, pour it all into a jar or bag or bottle and seal it. I like to charge mine under the sky on my outdoor altar or other appropriate space for three months to capture Sun, Full Moon and Dark Moon energies. I regularly chant, dance, drum and enchant the mixture for those three months. I tell it what its job is. I burn incense around it. I pour myself into the mixture and give it POWER to dominate and banish any evil or negativity It encounters. It's now alive for me, and has a clear mission with all the power and energy it needs to carry it out.

Most recipes may suggest charging under a Full Moon for one night. You decide how you want to charge your new Black Salt and how much of yourself you wish to put into it.

Once it's made, now you can use it!

Now, what folks might not recognize is that Salt absorbs energy. So when we use salt magickally what we are really doing is we are providing a container for the energy in a space. Once your salt is 'full' it's not going to work on your behalf any further. This means you will need to sweep or vacuum it up now and again and replace it.

How often you need to replace your salt depends heavily on how much bullshit is floating around you and the space you tryna protect. If you have a relatively peaceful home environment or relationships at work, salt will be good for much longer, perhaps several months. If there is a lotta strife or bitches comin' at you, it's gone be a much shorter shelf life. If you got all manner of mayhem and turmoil start with replacing your salt daily until you feel a shift and things begin to calm themselves. Then you can move to once a week and once a month and so on. You'll learn to 'feel' when the salt needs replinishing.

Suggested Traditional Uses:

  • pour around the perimeter of your property counter-clockwise - nowhere you want anything to grow. Also stay clear of cement walkways and metal such as around windows and such, the iron in the salt can cause rust.

  • throw after someone you want gone

  • sprinkle in the footsteps of someone leaving your home so they don't come back

  • line doorways and windowsills

  • add to water to wash away negativity

  • add to mojo bags, root bags, spell bottles

  • use for cursing or hexing; alternately for breaking a curse or hex

  • banish low vibes and evil from your home or workspace

  • ward against jealousy, anger, bitterness from others or yourself

'How do I use Black Salt?'

This is a question I get asked a lot, and since Black Salt is one of my most popular products, I want folks to know all the ways Black Salt can aid them with evil & bitches & other troublesome thangs. Here are some reminders about some of the more traditional ways you can use Black Salt, but don't let this list limit your imagination!

  • Lay down Black Salt across doorways, windows & any threshold inside your home to keep evil and the evil eye out yo happy home.

  • Use to absorb lies about you and jealousy directed at you, then use in spellwork to return them back to the source.

  • Add a little to your floor wash or bath water for purification, hex-breaking, and to help dispel feelings of depression, anger or negativity that want to cling in the air.

  • Carry a small amount on your person to absorb bullshit energies directed at you by gossips, bullies, and bitches at work or school - I like a small baggie you can easily carry in your pocket or small vial you can string up on a necklace.

  • Keep a supply at work near your desk or in your office for those soul-sucking vampires you work with e'ryday

  • Add to anything where you need extra potency- war water, hotfoot, goofer, etc.

  • Place under your bed or pillow (I recommend using a dish or plastic bag as Black Salt can stain) for combating nightmares, bad dreams & unwelcome spirits, watchers and astral visitors

  • Use on your altar for Dark Moons, Mercury retrograde, eclipses, and waning moons

  • Use on possessions, ritual tools, inherited items, used goods, and anything that has unwelcome memories or energy

It bears repeating: Black Salt absorbs negativity & evil & bitches & shit, so you need to discard it and replace it with fresh black salt periodically when you feel that murky shit startin' to return and build again.

Discarding Old Salt

Sweep or vacuum up old salt and toss it in the garbage- then take that garbage straight out to the curb and dump it into the trash bins.

Take the used Black Salt out to running water, like a river, and throw it in.

Flush it down the toilet.

Bury it at a crossroads, cemetery, old empty lot or other land that is NOT your land.

An enemy's yard works great, too.

Take it outside on a windy day and let the wind have it- throw it away from you and your home and the wind will do the rest.

Toss into a fire any way you see fit, but do not use the ashes from this fire for any other workings where you don't want that energy.

I hope this gives you some ideas!

Making your own Witch's Black Salt can be exciting and worthwhile. I believe in your power and ability to handle yo business! If you ever need a little extra help, though, you can purchase some already made up here or here. I gotchu.

Blessings in Dark & Light,


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