Defensive Magick: Egg Cleansings & Washes

In this course you'll be introduced to two new types of defensive magick: Floor Washes and Egg Cleansings. Let's get started.

Egg Cleansing

Egg cleansing is a highly effective folk method for cleansing and blessing in many cultures, from Mexico to Italy and beyond.

Many people typically don't think about the egg symbolically except around Spring time. The egg symbolizes life in its purest and simplest form. It can also represent a whole chicken and in some cultures a whole chicken is called for for a cleansing, and the egg is easier to come by (and cheaper) than the whole chicken. In some traditions, eggs are believed to be energetically polarized and capable of drawing negative energies, including illness, away from and out of the body.

Some people report that the egg becomes noticeably heavier after a cleanse, and even that the egg can explode now and again from becoming overly full.

There's not really a wrong way to do an egg cleanse, but when you first start out it may feel awkward or wrong somehow. Trust yourself. You can perform an egg cleansing on yourself or have a trusted friend perform it on you.

How to

First things first, get yourself a chicken egg. It should be unblemished and as fresh as possible. Store-bought is just fine, just check the exp. date and high grade for the freshest batch. Farm fresh, unpasteurized, free-range chicken egg is best IMO if you have access to it.

The egg color doesn't matter at all.

Get the egg to room temperature if it has been refrigerated. Again, farm eggs that haven't been washed don't need to be refrigerated and can be kept on the counter.

Wash the egg. This is a Spiritual/Energy wash rather than a physical wash like under the tap, but if needed you are welcome to wash it with soap and water, too.

To wash the egg, you have some options:

1. Coat the egg in some salt water. You can add a little lemon juice if you like. Lemon and salt do a great job of cleansing the egg itself so you know it's as neutral as possible before you begin.

2. Coat the egg in a high proof grain alcohol

3. Coat the egg in rubbing alcohol

4. Coat the egg in holy water

Choose whatever method feels best to you, or if your tradition teaches a different method, use that.

For the cleansing, the egg stays raw. Take the washed, raw egg and holding it firmly but gently, pass it or roll it over the body. Many people say chants, prayers or words of power like a mantra over and over as they do this, but many also do not. Again, this is your opportunity to make this ritual your own.

The technique for moving the egg over the body varies from person to person. Since egg cleansing techniques are often passed down in families, they can vary widely. Some people scrub vigorously with the egg like you would do in the shower. Some are soooper reverent and go really, really slow and use only calm, gentle motions. Some touch the skin, some hover. Some use only one hand and have a taboo about switching hands, others don't place any importance on it. You can 'roll' the egg over the body, or pass it an inch or two above the body, or go in circles, or 'brush' or 'sweep' with the gg. Play with different motions until you find what works for you. One thing that is fairly universal, though, is cleansings generally are done in a downward direction, from head to toes. As a Witch, you may also want to consider going in a counter clockwise or banishing direction as well or paying special attention to your energy centers if you work with those.

As you move the egg, believe and know the egg is drawing out the energetic gunk you wish to be rid of.

Again, you can speak aloud prayers, chants and mantras as you go. Concentrate and tune in to what you feel as the egg passes over each part of your body. Is any pain present? Do you feel any resistance anywhere? Is there heat in places, or cold spots? Is there a polarity push back in a certain spot or region? Whenever you feel any changes or indications of something, simply focus more on that area, visualizing it leaving your body and being 'sucked up' by the egg. Go back over any spot or over your whole body as many times as you feel is needed.

You may feel like a headache or other ailment is better afterwards, or you might just simply feel better, more energetic or calm and unburdened.

What Happens If The Egg Breaks?

If during the cleansing the egg breaks, that sucks, but not a big deal. Clean up the mess and just grab a fresh one and start anew.

Virtual Egg Cleansing?

Not possible. Please beware or anyone claiming they can perform an egg cleansing on you via the internet or by phone. No. Egg cleansings have to be done in person, there's no getting around it.

How often can/should I do an egg cleanse?

Once a week if you are feeling like it's needed. If you aren't dealing with extraordinary amounts of stress, trauma or other problems, once a month as part of your spiritual maintenance is probably all you need. You can even do it less often, such as on the Equinoxes and Solstices if you feel fine in between.

During periods of high stress, illness or problems or even if you are battling a hex or spiritual attack, a daily ritual of an egg cleanse can be called for.

Discarding the Used Egg

After an egg cleanse, you can do a couple of things.

The egg must be broken after you are done cleansing with it to release the energy.

Break open the egg and:

1. Add to a clear bowl or glass of water and read the Egg (more details in the next lesson)

2. Toss into the toilet and chase it with some salt, then flush it

3. Dump in the garbage and immediately taking it outside off your property

4. Pour down a sink and chase it with some salt

5. Toss the egg into a running stream or other water source, like a stream or river.

Under no circumstance should you eat the egg or use it again. It is full of unwanted energy or illness- consuming it or using it as a beauty treatment (such as for hair or skin) would just be putting it back into yourself. Do not feed it to your pets or livestock.

Important Note

When you break open the egg, you never want to do this on or near your front door or property where you might walk over it. It can be done on a busy street or something like that, but keep it outside of your home. Flushing it, or pouring it down the drain and then chasing with water from the faucet is perfectly fine as this takes the egg contents away from your home.

Reading the Egg

Some people read the egg after an egg cleanse to glean additional information. If you find a black yolk, red spots or other high strangeness, try not to freak out. You didn't remove a demon or evil or any of that nonsense, but the energy or illness 'removed' may have been causing you a great of pain or harm that you weren't aware of, and seeing it concentrated like that can be an eye-opening moment. It's more common for nothing weird to show up, so chances are you won't run into it.

Even if egg reading isn't of interest, I encourage you to give it a try at least once so you can say you did it- you might learn something new!

Reading the Egg

Fill a clear bowl or glass about half full of cool water and crack the egg into it. Add a pinch of salt. You want a vessel that you can see the egg from every angle- so an etched glass would not be ideal. Something simple and undecorated. Looking at the egg can give you a lot of information about the root causes of your energy problems and can help point you toward the type of protective magick or cleansing bath that will help you confront any remaining problems.

Interpreting Your Results

There are many other ways to interpret a cleansing egg. If you find things in your egg reading that you do not see below, a quick google search will often turn up good results in helping you to interpret further.

Generally, you are looking for a general overall health check- is the egg clear, what color is it? Did the yolk break, does the egg look scary or strange? Or does it look good, healthy, normal colored?

  • No issues, now weird colors, no weird shapes, no bad smalls, clear water, etc. means you are in good shape spiritually/energetically.

  • Egg does not sink to the bottom / floats in middle of glass: Do some more cleansing, prayers or chanting. The egg has not removed what it should. Someone may currently, actively be working against you. You might take a cleansing bath or so another type of cleansing and then do another egg cleansing. Also can perform a cord cutting.

  • Egg breaking or exploding: Major energy clearing. You will need to repeat the egg cleansing to continue removing these issues!

  • Bad smell: Repeat the cleansing

  • Yolk broke: A lot of negative energy was collected, often signifies spellwork being done against you, perform a cord cutting, the egg cleansing will not remove everything being done against you or a road opener spell.

  • Small bubbles: prosperity, sign guardian Spirits helped in this cleansing

  • One bubble at the top: someone is keeping a watchful eye on you- someone in particular.

  • Multiple bubbles at the top: multiple people who are keeping tabs on you, jealousy

  • Eyeball shaped: The evil eye was removed

  • Face, skull or animal shape: sign of an enemy working against you

  • Blood, hair, or other miscellaneous matter: Heavy energies were removed. Illness was possibly also removed, or you may have an unknown health issue- see a doctor if you have no known illness or health issue.

  • Cloudiness: a lot of negative energy around you, people around you that do not have good intentions toward us, envy, etc. The egg was able to extract this during the cleansing, but be aware of the people in your circle.

A Final Thought

Remember that interpretations can be highly personal and may not match what you see here. These are just examples. One thing to take care in is not to take anything you see in your egg too seriously. If you see a demon face I would not encourage you to latch on to a belief that you have some horrifying evil presence working against you, or if you have a couple red spots, don't leap to knowing you have cancer or are dying. Often when it comes to divination, if we haven't done our inner work and shadow work properly, we aren't skilled as being subjective and we see what we want to see, or we see what confirms what we already believe to be true. In this case, you will read your results with fear, bias and insecurity, making the reading useless to you. Stay wise, my Witches.

Magickal Washes

What is a Wash?

A floor wash is essentially your cleaning water, mop water or bucket water. It can literally be something you add to your mop bucket or you can create a spray bottle, squirt bottle or other delivery method that suits you.

At home I like to clean one side of my kitchen sink really well, then plug it and make my wash water in that. I don't use disposable paper towels in my home, so I use washable cloths when doing any cleansing or cleansing work. The other side of the sink is for rinsing the cloths and such as they get 'dirty'. I may go through several cloths depending on how 'dirty' they each get. When one gets too dirty or 'full, I toss it into the used cloth bin and pick up a clean one and keep going. I like to keep the wash water side as clean as possible and don't want to introduce contaminants into it, be they physical or energetic. So I use the two sink method and that usually works well for me. However, when I need to clean downstairs or in places too far away from the kitchen, I carry a bowl or bucket of the wash water with me and use the sink there to rinse as I go.

When you clean, you're probably familiar with adding a capful of your washing liquid like some pine sol or Lysol or bleach or other liquid to some hot water. These all-purpose cleaners often come premixed in spray or squirt bottles nowawdays so you don't have to do all that. Premixed and all-purpose cleaners are convenient and have their place. I find I usually prefer to mix my own so I can control the potency, so I still like the capful in the water method.

Now, this is all describing regular 'wash' water. Most of you probably remember your mothers and grandmothers cleaning this way.

When we talk about floor washes in Witchcraft, we are talking about something just a bit different from what we do when we just clean dirt and germs in our home.

Magickal Floor Washes

Magickal floor washes have the addition of herbs, oils or other ingredients that align with a magickal or energetic intention.

Even though we call them floor washes, magickal washes aren't just for floors or indoor spaces. We also use floor washes outside on our porches and decks, windows, doorways, walls and other places. Washes can be applied to our vehicles, driveways, walkways, mailboxes and fences. As long as all the ingredients are safe, floor washes can be added to the laundry wash or rinse cycle for added protection and benefits.

How to Wash

Here's a basic step-by-step for making and performing a wash.

1. Soak your herbs in boiled water for 15-20 minutes and strain them out. As you create your mixture focus on what energies/spirits/etc. you want to get out of or attract to your house. Start with a few pinches or teaspoons of your herbs. careful about using any herbs that make strong dyes in water to avoid staining your home- dilute those more, use less of them or omit.

2. Alternatively, you can mix everything in a jar and place the jar in a sunny spot for 4-6 hours or overnight under a Full Moon. If it's very cold keep the jar indoors and place in a windowsill instead.

3. If using a sink, bowl or the jar for your floor wash, get that set up, If using a spray bottle, pour the cooled strained water in now.

4. No get to washin'!

Wash floors (a mop will make it easier), windows (the glass and frames), walls, furniture, doors, and doorways.

Start in the back of the home and work your way toward the front door. If you have a top floor start there and then work down to the main floor (start in the back room farthest away from the front door on each floor). If you have a basement start there and work your way up then do the main floor last. If you have a top floor and a basement, I suggest top, basement and main floor in that order.

Some folks like to do a pattern with their washes. You can, too if you feel like it makes sense. Crosses/ pentacles/ evil eyes or dollar signs (depending on the wash) on every door and/or window in your home can be a highly effective way to add magickal or spiritual energy, protection or other intention to your home.

Here's a couple examples:

This uses a 5-point pattern. Four corners then the center. You can go in this order or choose a different order.

Here is one I do personally when I do walls and windows. This is the order to draw your pentacle if you wish to perform a banishing. If you wish to attract something instead, start from the top point and draw down to the left bottom point, following the lines from there until you end up at the top point again.

I personally like to wash the entire surface I'm working on, then go back and draw in the pattern by dipping my right index finger into the clean floor wash solution and drawing the symbol onto the surface. It is not the size of the whole wall, window or floor, maybe1-3 inches usually.

If you have hard flooring anywhere, mopping the floor with your wash is advised. If you have rugs or carpets, just dab or spray a bit in each corner and in the center. Alternately you can add your floor wash solution to your rug shampoo machine.

5. When you reach the front door and are ready to finish, wash the floor of the entryway and do a 5 point spray on both the inside and outside of the door.

6. Dump any remaining water away off of your property. In the street works fine.


To dispose of the left-over wash water, throw it out the front door or into the front yard, toward the East, if possible.

Wash Recipes