Connecting with the Liminal of Autumn Equinox

Originally published on the blog of my brick & mortar shop page, The Kindred Cauldron, on September 22, 2020.

Taking a week or two to become aware of the changes in the Earth where you live can be a very rewarding way to observe, honor and celebrate the Autumn Equinox. It doesn’t have to be a specific holiday that’s over in a day. Autumn doesn’t happen in a day, does it? What season does? There’s a liminal time between seasons when they share aspects of each with the other until we finally reach that spot around the Sun where we are finally settled into Autumn. This is one special way I like to celebrate this in-between time... Find a park or place in Nature where you can be near trees, maybe near some water. Where I live I like the river for the Earthy canyons and rock faces, the moving water, plenty of trees and foliage, trails and secluded areas where I can feel alone-ish. I also enjoy going just a bit further out to the foothills as they are also excellent for this. Sadly this year they have been affected by wildfires and that’s not a safe option. Maybe you have a favorite place you like to go to be near Nature. If it hasn’t been affected by the wildfires, go there. Observe and really take in what you see. Compare and note the changes that have occurred on each visit. It’s OK to take pictures but don’t forget to put down your phone and just be in Nature. Science shows that when you view events through the lens of your camera your brain doesn’t file it away as a long-term memory, and without the pictures or video to watch you will have difficulty recalling all the details of the day. Instead, try to remain present and really soak in the sensory experiences so your brain knows you want to keep those memories in vivid detail for a good long time. Only occasionally reach for the camera to snap a picture. Otherwise, keep it put away. This is a time to really just be in the world.

Take a moment to connect with Spirits of the trees or plants nearby. Thank them for all they do, and leave an offering, such as clean water, compost, or fertilizer pellets, or it could be healing energy, love or chants for strength, fertility, abundance and protection. Connect to the Spirits of the Land. Send out your energy and listen and wait for an answer. Spend some time in meditation and engage in a unique conversation. Can you feel the shift happening? Step fully into that liminal energy that’s all around you. How does it feel? What words come to mind? Tune into what’s full still, what’s transitioning, and what’s gone dormant. Observe what animals are active right now. How does the water sound? Is it high, or low? What does the air smell like? Are you chilly, warm, or just right? What is the wind doing? Reach out and see if you can hear what it says. Close your eyes and focus on what sounds you notice. Spend a few minutes really listening. Check in with the area on the Spiritual plane. Are there any messages for you? You don’t have to analyze them right now. You can just accept them and take them home to meditate on further. Bring a notebook or journal and draw, write and record the details and highlights of your visit. Feel free to collect a few items that have fallen to the ground (leave items still attached to trees and plants alone right now), like leaves, acorn, sticks, seedpods, pine cones, etc. Sending you Blessings, ~Solaris Moon

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