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Introduction to
Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft

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Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft offers slightly sweary online courses and content for discerning, Take-No-Shit Witches and Magickal Real Ones ready to Do The Fucking Work. Based on the practices and crone wisdom of Solaris Moon, creatrix of Root Witch Apothecary and a Southern Witch with somethin' to say. Providing a fluff-free, non-Wiccan, and non-religious/secular experience refreshingly free of toxic New Age influences and bullshit Christian-Culture so you can get to gettin' to it.


New content, courses and bonus material are published every month. Go at your own pace with unlimited access to all Beginner & Intermediate content when you become a monthly subscriber for only $10/mo.


If you are new to Solaris Moon's work, continue reading below to learn more about the philosophies, values and ideas that influence the content and courses here.


Already familiar with Sage & Crow, are a returning subscriber or excited to get started?

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Only You Can Decide What Fits & What Doesn't


For some who visit here, you may have a false sense of what Witchcraft is and isn't. I address these myths and misconceptions in several courses. At the end of the day, if you're looking for movie-magick, you just won't find it here.


As a secular Witch, I stay grounded in reality. Science wins over pseudoscience almost every time. Yes we do magick to heal but we're still going to take our prescriptions and get qualified medical advice when needed. Real magick and Witchcraft aren't parlor tricks or stage performances. This path is not about creating an aesthetic for IG followers. What you may have seen in stories, on social media, and even in pop-culture books on the topic are often rooted in fantasy and fiction.


Witchcraft at its core is about Know Thyself. It's about taking back your life. It's an understanding that energy and magick reside in all living beings. It comes from the Earth, the plants, mountains, sky, rivers and oceans, and animals. It permeates the Universe we travel around inside, the stars, planets and our Sun and Moon. It's an inherent power we possess as Spiritual beings. That energy, that magick, is infinite.


As practitioners, we have influence on these energies, and we use them to manifest what we want. The path of the Witch is about learning how to overcome challenges, dysfunctions, barriers and blockages in our lives in order to freely access and utilize our power. It's about taking up space, being BIG and using our voice. It's about prioritizing and picking our battles. It's about being responsible and taking ownership. It's about growth and moving forward.


My path, my mission, is to empower you to reach for your full potential, to not settle for less than the fabulous, powerful badass I know you can be. I want you to fully Boss Up. The courses here are all designed with that aim, and it's my sincerest hope you find tools and practices here that nourish, strengthen and inspire you to Walk in Your Power.


Blessings in Dark & Light,

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Boujee Free Witchcraft

Solaris Moon's 22 Attitudes of
Boujee-Free Witchcraft

Keepin’ it Real

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What Type of Witchcraft is This?

What type of Witchcraft is this?


Hi! I'm Solaris Moon, founder and creatrix of the Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft. Welcome! Let's take a journey together through what it means to be a member here.


The lessons, courses, videos and downloads you’ll have access to at the School of Witchcraft are based on my own personal practices as a Witch. For 25+ years my Witchcraft has evolved and grown. I've discarded what hasn't worked or fit me, and kept what has. This is a process I believe to be essential for every Witch.


Sometimes I revisit things from an earlier part of my path and find new perspectives or lessons I didn't see or value the first time. I've learned that what works for some doesn't work for all. Witchcraft is a life-long process of discovery. I'm no single authority on anything, but what I know for sure is you can't ever master a new skill if you never start. The Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft is here when you're ready to move forward in your journey.


Now let's get to the nittty gritty of it all. What exactly do I practice and believe, and what can you expect from the lessons and courses here?


The Short Answer


The practices that most influence the lessons contained in the School of Witchcraft can best be described as an ever-evolving collective of various non-Wiccan forms of Witchcraft and magickal paths that are influenced and inspired by traditions found within folklore.


As Witches, we exist in liminal space, a bit out of step with the rest of the world. It’s what allows us to tap into magick and energy so we can manifest it in line with our Will. I believe this is a skill-set that’s inherent in all of us- it just needs to be acknowledged, used and strengthened. The School of Witchcraft is just one tool of the many available to you to learn and practice these skills.


Let's explore this in more depth...

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My Witchcraft is...

My Witchcraft is…


My Witchcraft is Morally Muddy

Image by Matt Seymour

I practice a crooked path and teach magick that is double-edged, capable of both helping and harming.


I’ll talk more about this later but one of the foundations of my practice is that every Witch is sovereign unto themselves.

No other human has jurisdiction, power or rights of supremacy over your Spiritual practices or beliefs.


No one else determines your moral compass or values except you.


As such, every Witch or practitioner is ultimately responsible for determining for themselves what is right or wrong.


My magickal ethics run on a spectrum and are not fixed- they are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Morally Muddy
Image by Daiga Ellaby

My Witchcraft is Spiritual, Not Religious

My Witchcraft follows no structured or organized belief system or universal doctrine. I don’t require the people I teach to all believe what I believe, and my practice doesn’t revolve around any type of worship or devotion.


Religion tends to be experienced externally, with divinity being a concept somewhere outside of the human experience, usually far away and often inaccessible to the adherent.


My Witchcraft works on the premise that I am on equal footing with the Spirits, entities and Ancestors I connect to. These are relationships, partnerships, even sometimes friendships, where everyone benefits. It’s personal and direct- no interpreter or middle-person is needed to interact with the Spiritual realm.

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Image by Jake Weirick
Spiritual, Not Religious
Image by Tom Morel

My Witchcraft is Non-Wiccan

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

• You won’t find any ‘Threefold Laws’, ‘Harm None’ or endless cookie-cutter rhyming spells here. Instead, you'll learn how to establish your own moral code, magickal ethics and modify and create your own spells.


• There’s no concept of White/Black - Good/Bad magick in my Witchcraft. Energy and magick are seen as part of the natural world. It is neither good or bad. Also, White v Black magick are terms that smack of racism. Read or download the PDF here to learn more: White Light, Black Magic - Racism in Esoteric Thought


• There’s no Light & Love here, but you will find there’s Love in Light & Dark.


• There’s no hierarchical system or initiation model. You are a sovereign Witch under your own Spiritual authority and no one else's.


• There’s no established religious belief system- this path is fluid and evolves continuously based on the individual.

Crossroads Stone.png

If you are looking for someone who will teach you how to be Wiccan, or for cookie-cutter Witchcraft, the Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft isn't for you.


I make little to no effort to make Witchcraft easy, safe or accessible for everyone. Witchcraft simply isn't always safe, easy or the right fit for everyone.


There are people who will never be comfortable with:


• Their True Self

• Moral ambiguity

• Lack of structure or authority in their spiritual practice- especially patriarchal

authority which we are conditioned to believe is the norm

• The more baneful or destructive aspects of magick and Nature

• Being wholly responsible and in charge of their spiritual journey


I feel no obligation or concern for the Spiritual life of others and respect

their agency as humans to make their own decisions and walk their own path.

Image by Robert Lukeman

My Witchcraft is Secular

I believe in science and have found science and Witchcraft go very nicely together. Science to me doesn’t undermine or cancel out magick and spiritual beliefs- science is magick! One of my favorite definitions of magick is, ‘Magick is science we don’t understand yet’.


In addition to being non-religious, my Witchcraft is also non-theistic, meaning I don’t worship or believe in deities. In my Witchcraft, deities don’t exist as Supreme Beings. Instead, I view them through the lens of archetypes, symbols which unite the human unconscious across cultures and help us understand ourselves as humans. Deity archetypes embody essential elements of ‘universal’ human experiences and can benefit everyone in their personal growth and development without placing those deities on a pedestal and worshiping them, or worse, fearing them. To fear a deity is to fear ourselves- we are all one and we are all divine. As such, the personalities and stories of deities sometimes play a role in my Witchcraft and understanding of myself.


I do not place 'faith' in a deity nor do I attribute a spell's success or failure, illness or consequences to the Will of the Gods.

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Mortar and Pestle.png

Another way my Witchcraft is Secular is I try to remain objective and think critically. I don’t believe everything I read and look for credible evidence to support claims, whether they are scientific, medical, political or Spiritual. As a result, not everything within the Spiritual or metaphysical community is taken literally and to be true.


For example, I occasionally enjoy some aspects of astrology, mostly as entertainment. I was taught many decades ago how to do natal charts from scratch (before the internet!) and I enjoyed dabbling in the idea of planetary influences. However, I take it all with a decent grain of salt. Have you ever really read a horoscope or astrology chart? Not everything that is written about the aligned stars and planets is true, and most everything 'predicted' can apply to most anyone. More than that, there is scientific data that shows narcissism and low intelligence are the best predictors of a belief in astrology. Narcissists are more "fact-resistant" than the average person, and thereby more gullible, susceptible to conspiracy theories and more likely to support fake-news. Since astrological predictions and horoscopes tend to be positively framed, this reinforces grandiose feelings and thus might appeal even more to narcissists.

More importantly, I don't  believe every planetary movement or placement is significant or affects our lives in any meaningful way. Certainly not enough to make or break major life decisions at least. Does it have the potential to provide some understanding of ourselves? Maybe, I’m certainly open to the possibility. As a secular Witch, however, how I understand and define myself is never based on any one thing, and I don’t allow astrology to influence my daily decision-making.


These influences are part of how I teach and offer lessons. My secular path is In no way a moratorium for others on belief in deity or astrology or anything else I personally eschew or take a skeptical position on. Feel free to modify lessons as needed to fit your own practices and beliefs.

Image by Viktor Talashuk

My Witchcraft is Authentic

Image by Raimond Klavins

When I say I've been a Witch for 25+ years, I'm counting from the time soon after my divorce to my first husband. We had three children together and after ten years, we called it quits.


Tracing back to early childhood, I had already had quite a bit of overlapping interests with otherness and the occult - interests my husband tried to shut down hard - so once I wasn't married anymore, I was able to live authentically without worrying about others. Divorce can be good for the soul. It clears away a lot of old beliefs, habits and blind spots. But that was just the start of my intentional practice of Witchcraft, when I decided to adopt with glee and fire the label of Witch. Before that I simply didn't have a language or a label to describe what I believed in, thought about and practiced. I didn't know about 'Witches' or Wicca or Paganism. I knew about folk practices plenty- it's how I was raised. But where I come from when you practice folk magick, nobody calls it magick. It's just what you do. So, while I certainly wasn't practicing Witchcraft as I do now, I've been on this path for most of my life.

Most people look for authenticity to be verified from an external source. In most industries, that’s an appropriate method for determining if a thing is authentic, or ‘real’. A trained and credentialed authority comes along and determines if an ‘antique’ or work of art is authentic or a reproduction, for example. Sometimes ‘authenticity’ is tied to money, popularity, aesthetics, and other factors. People seek out these experts to officially verify authenticity so they don’t mistakenly buy, invest in, own or stake their name and reputation on a lie. No one likes being made a fool.


Authenticity does not mean arcane, ancient, rare, or only.


In Witchcraft, authenticity works very differently. There’s no Grand High Witch Council on a mountaintop governing All Witches on Earth. Folk traditions are often passed down through families or regionally through oral history and evolve with each new generation. When not practicing a formal tradition or organized religion, authenticity in Witchcraft doesn’t come from some external authority- it comes from within. Authenticity is measured by how effective and successfully your magick and spiritual connections work. Plain and simple. Whatever path you follow, whether it was created today, a decade ago or three hundred years ago- the age or even origin of your tradition or practice has no bearing on whether or not it’s ‘authentic Witchcraft’. If your magick works, if your spells, rituals and practices are effective, if you’re happy with it, if it brings you joy and fulfillment, if it all works successfully for you- it's authentic.

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I Work With...

I Work With…


The lessons and courses in my Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft will contain

instruction, guidance and knowledge using the following practices.


Also, a word of warning if you need it- I'm a sweary AF Witch. I say Fuck aLOT. 

If that makes you uncomfortable, kindly see your way to the exit.




I Work with Magick

This includes:


1. Rituals

2. Spells & Casting

3. Divination

4. Low Magic / Folk Magic

5. High Magick (occasionally)

6. Chaos Magick

7. Liminal / Sacred Space

8. Trance Work

9. Raising Magical Power

10. Baneful Magick

11. Blood Magick

Image by Joshua Newton
I Work with Magick
Image by Zoltan Tasi
I Work with Personal Development

I Work with Personal Development

Image by Patrick Hendry

This includes:


1. Self-knowledge

2. Identifying toxic behaviors & patterns

3. Always improving skills and/or learning new ones

4. Self-care

5. Identity/self-esteem

6. Effective communication

7. Enhancing quality of life

8. Health

9. Shadow Work

10. Healthy Boundaries

11. Meditation

12. Discernment

13. Self-Healing / Mind-Body-Spirit

14. Conflict-resolution

15. Nurturing healthy & joyful relationships

16. Mindfulness

  • Self-Awareness

  • Conscious & Unconscious Work

  • Biases

  • Self-regulation

  • Objectivity

Image by Guillaume Flandre
I Work wit Sprits and Ancestors

I Work with Spirits & Ancestors

Hedge-Crossing (regular visits to other realms), including:


1. Underworld / Lower World

2. Astral Space

3. Spiritual Plane

4. Unconscious (Shadow Work or Shadow Realm)

5. Various other realms, planes, worlds and realities

2. Ancestors

3. Familiar Spirits & Guides

4. Non-Physical Entities (NPE)

5. Offerings, Partnerships & Pacts


*As a godless Witch, I do not work with deities and have not included them in my lists above. Every path is unique, and every Witch must follow their own guidance regarding deities. You do you.

Image by Pavel Karagodin
Image by Visual Stories || Micheile
I Work with Nature

I Work with Nature

Image by freestocks
Herb Bundle (1).png

This includes:


1. Nature is viewed as incredibly sacred and magical

2. Seasons & Transitions

3. Weather & Acts of Nature

4. Significant Planetary Influences, though rarely

5. Lunar & Solar Cycles


As an Animist, I Practice:

1. An animistic worldview, seeing the Spirit in all things

2. Connecting with and honoring genius loci, Spirit of place

3. Working with Land & Nature Spirits

Working locally & abroad, ethically & sustainably with:

  • Roots, Herbs, Trees & Plants

  • Stones, Shells & Minerals

  • Dirts & Waters

  • Bones & Animals

Image by Daniel Spase
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